Case Study Date: 7th of April 2016


This client is running a cpanel server hosted on Amazon EC2 on a m3.2xlarge instance and complaining that his bills every month are very high and asked us to investigate.

First Job: Check the AWS Billing Account

When we logged into their Amazon account and checked the billing details we could see that their monthly bill was around $1,000 a month which does seem a little high. After looking at their bill, we could see that over half the charge was for storage snapshots of his server which was showing 4.5TB of space being used and charged for.


Second Job: Remove Unnecessary Snapshots

It seems that their previous server admin had been running snapshots and when we checked there were 465 days of snapshots so we deleted all the snapshots as is already backing up all their cpanel account on a weekly basis anyway.


By removing all the snapshots and setting the schedule to keep only one snapshot, the client will be saving $465 a month which equates to $5,580 a year.