Case Study Date: 13th of Jan 2016


This client has a cPanel server which is running a single site using Magento. The site is used to process payments so important that its secure and when tested by SSL tools it  should display positive results.

Why we were contacted

The client ran an SSL check at the Qualys SSL Server Test page at and it was returning an F Grade (the lowest grade), so they contacted us to improve the score.


First Job: Update SSL Ciphers

We updated the SSL Ciphers with a more comprehensive combination and after running the test again were presented with a B rating. It seems that prior to Apache 2.4, the DH Key lengths were 1024 bit, but a new requirement is they be 2048 bit.


Second Job: Update Apache to 2.4

The server was running Apache 2.2 so we ran easyapache and upgraded to Apache 2.4. We then received an A+ rating on the SSL Checker.


All in all this was not a terribly complicated project. There is always a risk of things going wrong with an apache upgrade and in this case things went smoothly and client is very happy!