When you contract a monthly cPanel maintenance plan with us, we are providing a FULL SERVER MANAGEMENT SOLUTION and will perform an array of different tasks to keep your server running optimally, safe from intruders and backed up in worst case scenario.

Full Server Management Solution
Price: €250 (EUR) per month per server

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So, for that money what do we do? Well, just see below what your monthly commitment buys you.


Uptime Monitoring
We will check the uptime of the server every 60 seconds. One of our on call team members is alerted the second any downtime is detected.
Load Monitoring
We will install a specialised script (developed by us) which monitors the server load every 60 seconds and takes action when high server load is detected.
Munin Service Monitoring
The MUNIN service monitor keeps a track of server performance on an ongoing historical basis and useful for troubleshooting issues.
System Integrity Monitor
24×7 Internal Monitor that checks all services and restarts them if they are down.
Exim Monitor
We will monitor your exim queue to make sure there is no abuse of your mail service.
RBL/URBL Monitoring
We will regularly monitor various blacklists to make sure your email server and server ip is not getting blacklisted.
Logwatch is a daily email report that summarises the information contained in the major server log files.
MultiTail allows monitoring of log files and command output in multiple windows in a terminal.

SSH Protection

Change default SSH Port
We will change SSH access from Port 22 to a different port.
Lockdown Custom SSH Port
We will lockdown the SSH port to fixed IP in order to avoid any snooping.
Disable SSH Password Auth
We will disable the Password Authentication for SSH on the server to prevent SSH login with username and password.
Enable SSH Keys
When we disable SSH Password Auth we will only permit access using authorised SSH keys.

FTP Protection

Switch proftpd to pure-ftpd
pureftpd is safer and more robust than proftpd.
We will configure the system to force TLS connection with FTP in order to maintain encrypted connections.

Server Backup & Recovery

Amazon S3 Backups
We will configure the cPanel backup service to take a daily/weekly/monthly backup of all files, database and system files to Amazon S3.
Backup Restoration
If your server requires a restore, we’ll restore all of your backups returning your server back to normal.
Disaster Recovery
If your server is crashed or hacked, we will determine the cause and rebuild your system from backups.

Exploit Scanning

Lynis Scanner
Install and scan the server using Lynis Vulnerability scanner for any weak points
CXS eXploit Scanner
Install and configure the configserver exploit scanner which scans all newly uploaded files to the server for known exploits.
Maldetect Scanner
We will configure maldetect to scan your public_html directories each night and scan all files for any malware or exploits hidden in your files.
ModSecurity Protection
We will install and configure the gotroot.com mod sec rules at no additional charge.
Rootkit Hunter
Rootkit Hunter is an essential tool in detecting possible root compromise and rootkit installation.
Chkrootkit is another essential tool in detecting possible root compromise and rootkit installation, it compliments rkhunter with a different detection approach.

Firewall Security

CSF Firewall
CSF firewall is a lightweight but powerful packet inspector which proactively monitors incoming traffic and takes evasive action when hack attempts are detected.
Comodo Mod Security
Comodo mod security rules provides advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection for your dedicated server.
ASL Firewall
ASL firewall is a very powerful software firewall from gotroot.com and unlike CSF works from the kernel. We offer ASL firewall as a preferred optional extra for €250 a year (to cover license costs).
CPHULK is a powerful service that provides protection for your server against brute force attacks.
Host Access Deny
We will configure host access allow/deny rules to limit access to unnecessary services to fixed ip’s.


PCI Compliance
(This is an optional service) Ensure your server is compliant with some of the latest industry requirements and standards for conducting e-commerce on your server safely and securely.
Drop Unused Services
Cpanel comes with a range of services preactivated. We will deactivate and close off ports for those unused services.
TMP Directory hardening
Helps prevents execution of malicious scripts.
Fork Bomb
Prevents a user logged into a shell from consuming all the resources on the server.
Secure and Optimize Apache
Tweak apache to perform better, and prevent unnecessary information from being easily seen.
Disable Mailman
Unless you are using mailman then it should be turned off because its an easy way for spammers to send bulk email and bog the server down.

WHM Login Protection

Lockdown WHM Login Page
If the client does not need WHM access, we will close off the login page to fixed ip. If they need access to WHM we will set the security questions to deter malicious users and also apply WHM 2FA protection.
WHM and Cpanel SSL Login
We will install SSL and configure your login pages to default to SSL in order to protect you when logging in.


MySQL Tuning
We will install, configure and monitor MySQl tuner to get the most out of your database.
MySQL Repair
We will periodically check your server for corrupted tables in your MySQL system.
Tool for monitoring MySQL threads and processes.
We will optimise exim to provide spam protection and prevent spammers using your system as an open relay.