The Biggest Question of them all…
Why do I need CPANEL.TEAM?

There are ALOT of cheap hosting services out there and many companies/individuals will try and sell you a server or VPS and tell you its really cheap and easy to manage it yourself. The hard fact is that there are even more malicious people out there who will try and hack your server 24/7 and try and steal your data and thats where we come in.

We are experts in cPanel from installation, security, optimising, troubleshooting, backing up and more, much more and are on hand to willingly assist you with making sure that your cPanel server runs as smoothly as possible, saving you time and money and most importantly, peace of mind.


Anything not covered here? Ask Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for multiple servers?

Yes. If you have more than two servers that needs management, please contact us to obtain discounts.

Do you only support cPanel?

We specialise, focus and hone our skills towards cPanel servers so only support cPanel.

Are there any prerequisites to using your service?

1. Your server must be running cpanel on centos
2. You must have at least 4gb ram
3. You must have minimum dual core
4. We must be able to access with SSH
5. When we manage the server, there is only one sysadmin and thats us.

Are there any additional costs?

Our monthly fee is all inclusive in terms of the labour we put in. In the case you need us to install any third party software which requires payment, we will ask you to arrange that yourself and give us the details.

What Payment Methods do You Accept?

Paypal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer to US or European Bank Account.

Do you offer any trial period?

Due to the nature of the services we provide, trial periods are not possible. If you are looking for cPanel management, then we would recommend that you sign up for at least one month and you can see how we work.

Do you offer phone support?

Our number #1 concern is accuracy and tracking of requests, therefore we will not take any requests over the phone. Any requests can be made via live chat, skype or our support ticket system which will accept incoming email from your approved email address(s) or logging into the ticket system and raising a ticket.

Do You Do Hosting?

We don’t provide hosting services directly but if you do not have a server we can recommend some really great companies in the UK, Europe and USA for hosting your cPanel server. We can even do the cPanel installation for you free of charge if you are signed up to the monthly management plan.

Is your service 24/7/365?

We monitor your servers 24/7/365 with various monitoring tools and are alerted when an issue arises. Our team is notified with email and sms and will attend to the issue as quick as possible. There is always someone on call to handle any issues with your server.

Can you guarantee my system will be hacker proof?

Dont be fooled by anyone claiming that they can make your system 100% hacker proof, thats a fairy tale. However, we will take a lot of precautions to make your system as hacker proof as possible and in the worst case scenario we will ensure that your system is backed up on at least a daily basis.

Can you install ASL From Atomicorp?

Yes. We are very familiar with the installation and management of this excellent firewall system. You can either buy a license direct or purchase from us.

Will You Support My Customers Tickets?

Our job is to make sure that your server is secure and running optimal. We do not support or make contact with your own clients, you would take care of that. We only support requests from you so you would be the main point of contact.